Mariah Carey’s Black Irish Is Making Irish Cream a Year-Round Celebration

A focus on premium cream from Ireland and aged Irish whiskey makes this luxurious Irish Cream a cause for celebration all year round

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Irish Cream is a classic liqueur, often associated with cold winter nights and holiday festivities filled with warmth and celebration. But a new entrant to the Irish liqueur category aims to elevate the beverage while bringing it—and its celebratory spirit—to occasions big and small, all year round.

From the undeniable queen of Christmas comes Black Irish, a premium Irish Cream created to be an after-dinner drink or anytime indulgence by Mariah Carey herself. Whether consumers want to celebrate an engagement or a job promotion, or maybe they want to toast to years of friendship with the person who has always been by your side, Black Irish is a fit for all. 

Black Irish comes in three varieties, all of which are 17% ABV: Original, White Chocolate, and Salted Caramel. At the heart of all three is a mix of aged Irish whiskey and high-quality dairy from Irish farms. Each blend has its own draw. Whereas the Original brings ample notes of freshly roasted coffee and milk chocolate, the Salted Caramel has a salty sweet hint of buttery caramel. Smooth Belgian chocolate is used for the Black Irish White Chocolate to add a silky, refined chocolate flavor. 

The woman-owned brand is crafted in Ireland using natural ingredients for premium quality and taste. It’s produced under official Irish Cream PGI regulations, and the Black Irish team worked closely with the Irish Whiskey Association to create an opulent Irish Cream liqueur that’s true to the Emerald Isle.

The cream comes from cows that indulge on the lush grass that grows on Ireland’s rolling hills, resulting in rich and distinctive dairy unlike what’s produced in the United States. Only premium, aged Irish whiskey makes it into the bottle.

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Carey’s passion project is a classic drink with a modern twist, complete with the singer’s initials on the cap, signature butterflies on the label, and the hashtag #CauseForCelebration on the bottle. Black Irish operates under the idea that we belong together, whether that’s physically, virtually, emotionally, spiritually, or intellectually. The name itself is a product of coming together: Black Irish is a reference to Carey’s Black and Irish roots. Her father is Black and Venezuelan, and her mother is Irish.

Black Irish is the perfect drink for a night in relaxing with a partner or a few friends, regardless of how you drink it. A toast of the cream liqueur poured neat—or over a large rock—is a sumptuous treat, though it mixes just as nicely into coffee or a rich cocktail. All it takes is a sip to understand Black Irish’s trademark cause for celebration.


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