Tax reform for the beer industry languishes in Washington. Wine grape growers seek exemption from burdensome FDA food safety rule. Alcohol brands are being marketed as experiences and artificial intelligence finds a place in the wine industry. The news we’re interested in here at SevenFifty Daily.

June 22, 2017
1. St. Louis Post-Dispatch

The Beer Industry's Bill Experiences A Holdup In Washington

The beer industry, small and large producers alike have been eagerly in favor of a rewrite of the federal tax code on beer. The goal is to spur the growth of beer operations in the U.S., ultimately benefiting the economy. The bill is widely supported in the House and the Senate but is currently on hold while the government sorts out health care reforms and its tax implications.


CAWG Requests Wine Grapes Be Exempt From FDA Produce Safety Rule

The California Association of Winegrape Growers (CAWG) would like wine grapes to be exempt from the FDA’s produce safety rule and added to a list of produce items rarely consumed raw. There is currently a list of over 30 produce items listed as exempt. CAWG argues that wine grapes are almost exclusively grown to be processed into wine. Exemption from this rule would save wineries and growers a good amount of time dealing with paperwork and compliance issues.

3. Fortune

Alcohol Brands Are Being Marketed As Experiences

Major companies such as Diageo and Pernod Ricard are rethinking their marketing strategies as the millennial generation overturns classic drinking habits. With less allegiance to a particular liquor or brand, these companies are developing marketing strategies around “occasions” and “experiences.”

4. The Drinks Business

Liv-Ex Launches Wine Matcher

Liv-ex has launched an artificial intelligence tool for the fine wine trade – Wine Matcher. Wine Matcher, which can process 5,000 lines of data per minute, is intended to help wine merchants quickly sort through wine lists to obtain valuable information in a fraction of the usual time.