Craft brewers seek ways to stand out. WSWA’s grows female leadership in the industry. Connecticut’s liquor laws stifle competition and Cava is on the rise. The news we’re thinking about here at SevenFifty Daily.

June 28, 2017
1. The Drinks Business

Craft Brewers Fight Back Against 'Big Beer'

The U.S. Brewers ‘Association has released a new seal that indicates that a beer is brewed by an independently owned brewery and not a large beverage alcohol company. This is intended to help consumers understand the increasingly confusing terminology around what is in reality considered craft.

3. Reason

Connecticut's Outdated Liquor Pricing Law

Rooted in prohibition Connecticut’s liquor pricing regulations essentially eliminate competition by requiring the minimum sell price be posted for wholesalers and retailers. Large budget chains such as Total Wine must sell products at the same price as small liquor stores. Consumers in Connecticut can expect to pay 24% more than consumers in neighboring states.

4. The Drinks Business

Cava Is On The Rise

Cava’s growth continues to be slow but steady through 2016. Shipments to export markets increased by 1.1%. The launch of the region’s single estate classification is considered responsible for some of this growth.