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Power Your Business with Better Product Data

Improved, standardized product data is the one resource every distributor needs to scale up and operate efficiently

Distributors today are taking an omni-channel approach to sales and marketing. The goal is to maximize brand presence across every channel and maintain consistent and current portfolio listings wherever customers are searching for products. SevenFifty has spent the last decade building the largest, most comprehensive database for alcohol beverage in the world, and distributors are now able to license that product data to power their website, e-commerce channels, business intelligence tools, and inventory systems.

SevenFifty’s Content Licensing Services provide regular data feeds including label images, bottle shots, standardized product and producer names, descriptions, and product categorizations. All the product information that is used to enrich distributor portfolios on SevenFifty can now be used to improve your business data wherever you need it. 

Below are some of the product attributes included in our Content Licensing Services with an example of data available for wine, beer, and spirits products:

How it works

When distributors join SevenFifty, their portfolios are standardized, enriched, and categorized for listing on the marketplace. Our Content Services then provide a daily, weekly, or monthly export through SFTP file transfer or via email. The export includes all available product data for the portfolio including links to bottle shots and label images hosted on SevenFifty’s servers. In some cases this data can be provided directly to third party agencies that power e-commerce websites and ERPs.

Use Cases

1. Websites & E-Commerce Portals

Distributor websites and e-commerce portals are one of the most important channels for building brand awareness and are a valuable complement to aggregated marketplaces like SevenFifty. Prospective suppliers want to see that their products will be well represented online, consumers search the web to check the availability of brands in their market, and of course wholesale buyers use a variety of resources when shopping for new products.

SevenFifty’s rich product data will both help with search engine optimization and provide a consistent search and discovery experience wherever interested shoppers are looking. Several distributors are already taking advantage of this service. Martignetti Companies, for example, currently uses SevenFifty data to power the product search on their external website.

Young’s Market Company in California offers its customers a custom e-commerce portal whose search experience and product catalogue is also powered with SevenFifty product data. This product data is displayed on their website alongside the pricing and availability information stored in their backend systems. Content updates occur daily.

2. Distributor Inventory Systems

SevenFifty product data can also power ERP’s or RAS‘ with complete and standardized producer and product names. This reduces operating costs by limiting order entry and pick errors.

3. State Agencies

SevenFifty also provides product data to certain state agencies that run e-commerce portals. For distributors in New Hampshire, SevenFifty can fulfill all of the data required to power the state’s consumer and trade websites. There is a direct integration that requires you to only authorize the daily data transfer.

Supplier Access

Suppliers now also have access to SevenFifty to edit and upload the product data that will feed back into Content Services’ file exports provided by SevenFifty. Learn more about SevenFifty for Importers and Producers.

SevenFifty Content Services provides better data for your business and can be licensed for all of your digital channels. Contact for more information.


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