What’s Next for Israeli Wine?

From Mediterranean and local varieties to acclaimed Bordeaux blends, the wines of Israel are exceptionally diverse and increasingly exciting to explore

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Israel produces some of the most exciting, compelling wines in the world today. Yet even with thousands of years of winemaking history, its contributions to the world of wine have remained relatively under the radar until fairly recently.

All of that has changed over the course of the past several decades, and today, Israel is finally generating the kind of renown that its best reds, whites, and sparklers have deserved for so long.

Make no mistake: The wines of Israel represent some of the most diverse and expressive in the Mediterranean, and the range of styles, grape varieties, and microclimates that it has to lean on are nothing short of stunning.

Geographically, Israel may be in the Middle East, but from a wine standpoint, it’s firmly rooted in the Mediterranean. With more than 260 miles of coastline, mountains and foothills along its central spine, and the Jordan Rift Valley to the east, Israel’s grape-growers and winemakers have a wealth of microclimates and elevations to lean on.

Combine that with soils of alluvial loam, clay, limestone, volcanic origin, and more, and you have the recipe for a national wine culture that’s just as forward-thinking as it is respectful of tradition.

Rooted in History, Looking to the Future

Israel is a famously innovative country—it’s often referred to as the Silicon Valley of the Middle East—and its wine industry embodies that in particularly fascinating ways. From precision irrigation to perfecting the techniques that will help an increasingly hot and drought-prone wine world deal with the whims of nature, Israel is a world leader in the wine technologies and techniques that will drive the industry into the future.

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Yet it’s the human capital that is most exciting, and the new generation of Israeli winemakers—many of whom trained in Australia, France, Spain, California, and beyond—is putting their own stamp on the industry. From distinctly Rhône-inspired bottlings crafted from Grenache Noir, Carignan, and Viognier, to more international expressions of Cabernet Sauvignon, Petit Verdot, Chardonnay, and more, to native grape varieties like Marawi, Argaman, and Dabouki, Israel is proof that the size of a country (it’s comparable to New Jersey in terms of land mass) has nothing to do with the breadth and depth of its wine industry’s achievement.

For all this well-earned success, however, the wines of Israel hold the promise for even greater renown. With the country’s unparalleled regional and viticultural diversity, its forward-looking and passionate winemakers, and a world wine market increasingly thirsty for its best bottlings, Israeli wine is sprinting into the future, all while remaining respectful of the deep history in the land itself. There’s nothing more Israeli than that.


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