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The company best known for its Bloody Mary and other non-alcoholic cocktail mixes is shifting from mixers to pre-mixed—adding premium spirits to a trio of classics and serving two full-strength drinks per can

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At a time when aluminum fuels the hottest beverage alcohol packaging trend—for craft beer, wine, hard seltzer, kombucha, cocktails, and more—Zing Zang has launched a new line of bartender-quality canned cocktails with a difference. 

The Chicago-based company widely known for its cocktail mixers is adding premium spirits to three of their most popular nonalcoholic recipes: Zing Zang Bloody Mary, Bourbon Whiskey Sour, and Margarita. At 9% ABV and packaged in slim 12 oz cans, each can represents two full size cocktails—an important point of distinction.

“We know that consumers love real, full-flavored and full-strength cocktails, and in today’s environment they also want convenience,” says Brent Albertson, Zing Zang CEO. “We wanted people to have amazing cocktails in a size that is easy to enjoy and share.”

As an independent marketer of a variety of non-alcoholic cocktail mixes since 1997, Zing Zang is best known for its Bloody Mary mix, and lately innovation has been an important focus for the company. In 2018, Zing Zang relaunched its Margarita mix with all-natural ingredients, and introduced slim eight-ounce cans in six-packs, to overcome the spoilage factor—customary when buying larger bottles of mix. In 2019, Zing Zang launched Piña Colada, Strawberry Daiquiri, and Sweet & Sour Mixes made with all-natural ingredients in both bottles and eight-ounce cans. 

Growth in the company’s mixers—with each flavor growing at a double-digit pace annually, and selling over 2.2 million cases in 2020—clearly set the stage for the new alcohol-included cans. In particular, the single-serve cans of mixers took off after being introduced in 2018, now accounting for 15 percent of the company’s sales.

Value is another factor the company aims is a hook. “Our 12-ounce cans have two servings each, so eight drinks per four-pack for approximately $12.99—that’s less than $2 per drink and almost twice the alcohol of a hard seltzer,” says Albertson, who spent 30 years in leadership roles at Diageo before taking the helm at Zing Zang. “We know consumers want real bartender-quality drinks but don’t always have time to mix up their own or make it to their favorite bar in this environment.” 

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One more advantage: Zing Zang’s well-established placement with liquor distributors ensures a speedy route to market as the RTDs launch across 20 states in Fall 2020.

The Zing Zang RTD canned cocktails include:

Zing Zang Bloody Mary RTD Cocktail 

This is a blend of Zing Zang’s signature Bloody Mary mix with a proprietary combination of seven vegetable juices, bold seasoning, and gluten-free, six-times-distilled American vodka.

Zing Zang Margarita RTD Cocktail

Based on Zing Zang’s three-juice, all-natural Margarita mix, this RTD also includes premium silver tequila from Mexico and agave nectar.

Zing Zang Bourbon Whiskey Sour RTD Cocktail

Kentucky bourbon combined with Zing Zang Sweet & Sour Mix’s blend of real lemon, lime, and orange bitters to create a refreshing, fruit-forward whiskey sour.