Photo of Jeff Cioletti

Jeff Cioletti

Jeff Cioletti is the author of the books The Year of Drinking Adventurously, Beer FAQ, and the upcoming The Drinkable Globe. He is the founder of the beverage travel video site The Drinkable Globe and a frequent contributor to a number of publications, including FSR Magazine and Beverage Media. Jeff is a Certified Sake Adviser and the winner of two North American Guild of Beer Writers awards.


collage of Rum Bottles

Developing a Rum Lexicon

As rum makes a comeback, the category will benefit from the development of universal style, aging, and flavor classifications

distorted illustration of a drunk driver driving around a bend

Are We Driving Toward .05?

If more states follow the lead of Utah and much of Europe by lowering the legal blood-alcohol limit, you may already be drunk

A collage of Botanist gin bottles

Gin in Whisky Land

Single malts are no longer the only game in town as the international juniper spirit wave washes across Scotland

Herbal Liquer bottles in a pattern

Tomorrow’s Amaro

Mixology has put several iconic amari on consumers’ radars, which could be opening the door for some lesser-known brands from Europe